R.I.P Craig Mack


Craig Mack was a serious pioneer of hip hop and he made his presence known throughout the world of hip hop with his monster hit – Can I Get Down – Produced by Grammy Award winner producer Easy Moe Bee  . The world of hip hop changed as we were all looking for that next big sound that would eventually take over the world of hip hop and give it life again. Since his death, many hip hop artist, rappers, writers are dedicating there time and writing skills to rap to his behemoth track called Can I Get Down. As an artist that lived in Brooklyn and affiliated with a few of Mack’s people I decided to do the same and dedicate the song called R.I.P Craig Mack. Craig deserved to be honored in such a way that he opened up doors for others who were trying to keep the authentic sound of hip hop alive. The Bad Boy artist will truly be missed and by remembering him I dedicated this one specifically to him.

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